FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (tap a question in blue to show/hide the answer):

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How long have you been playing guitar and ukulele?

Why should I choose you instead of one of the many other guitar teachers on the internet?

Is it true you teach all ages, all styles, and all levels?

If I have to pay for the intro lesson up front, how is it free? And what can I expect at the intro lesson?

What can I expect from the lessons as a regular weekly student?

Where is your lessons studio located?

What is this "JamKazam" that you've mentioned, and how is it different/better than Zoom or Skype?

What is a "VideoXchange" or "VX" lesson?

Do you offer lessons on the weekends? What are the days
and times that you offer lessons?

Are your packages for "once a week" lessons, and would I have the same slot each week?

What if I miss a lesson? Can you explain your lesson cancellation policy?

Do I have to sign a contract for a lessons package? What if I need to cancel part of the way through a package?

What if I need to put a lessons package on hold temporarily?

Are there any other costs or charges or anything else to buy?

I've taken lessons before, and the teacher was great...but the day after each lesson, I couldn't remember most of the little details and specifics that we went over during the lesson, even when I went back over the music that we used. What do you do that will help me out with this?

Is it true I get a free lesson if I refer a friend?

Is it true I get a free lesson every year if I'm consistently taking weekly lessons from you?

Do you offer group lessons?

What if I want to give a lessons package as a gift; do you offer gift certificates?

Can my child's brother/sister/friend/etc. be there at the lesson, if they just sit there quietly?

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** I reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to change, modify, adjust, discontinue, or otherwise alter any aspect of the lessons, including (but not limited to): rates; days and times that lessons are offered; availability of audio or video recordings; any aspect of the introductory lesson offer; etc., and those changes may not be reflected immediately on this site or other sites. **